Multi pet insurance companies

Multi pet insurance companies

Australians really love owning pets!  Around 62% of Australian households have a pet — which is the highest rate of pet ownership in the world.  Dogs are the most common pet in Australia with 20 dogs for every 100 people.  We are also crazy about cats, with 2.7 million households owning a furry feline.

Many Australian households have multiple pets, including dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, and birds.  Taking care of all of those animals can be quite expensive, particularly if they become ill.  That is why insurance companies have developed multi pet insurance, a form of insurance designed to help consumers with multiple pets.  

How do multi pet insurance policies work?

Australian multi pet insurance policies work in a similar way to standard pet insurance policies.  You pay a fortnightly, monthly, or annual premium and in return, the insurance company will help you pay for any veterinary expenses.  The key difference is that multi pet insurance policies cover more than one pet and have more flexibility than normal policies.

Similar to other pet insurance policies, you may have to pay a deductible when making a claim on a new condition.  It is a one-off contribution you make when making a new claim on your policy.  The amount of the deductible can vary based upon the type of animal being treated and their age.  It is common for Australian pet insurance policies to also have larger deductibles for older pets.

You may find that certain conditions or treatments have larger deductibles.  For example, many insurance policies have a $1,000 deductible for cruciate ligament surgery for dogs. 

Australian multi pet insurance policies place limits on the kinds of conditions you can make a claim for.  Pre-existing conditions will not be covered and conditions caused by neglect will not be covered.  Conditions that could have been prevented with a vaccine are also not covered.

Similar to standard pet insurance policies, you will have three types of coverage available:

1) Accident only coverage

This type of cover helps you pay for any veterinary bills after your pet have been in an accident.  The accidents covered by this type of policy include animal bites, falls, and car accidents.

2) Accident and illness coverage

This type of coverage also covers common illnesses like cancer, diabetes, and skin problems.  There may be some limitations on the types of illnesses covered, so it is important to read the fine print on any pet insurance policy you are considering.

3) Comprehensive insurance

This type of insurance also covers your pet for accidents and illnesses.  In addition, it provides some funds for routine and preventative care.  This can include things like tick treatments and vaccinations.

What additional coverage is available?

Some pet insurance plans offer additional coverage and optional extras including:

Complementary treatment and alternative therapy

A complementary therapy is a treatment used alongside conventional medical treatments.  For example, if your dog has cancer, your veterinarian may use chemotherapy as the main treatment with acupuncture to complement it.  Some Australian multi pet insurance policies will help you pay for these treatments — but not all.

Death cover

Some policies offer a payout if your pet passes away.  This can help you pay for their funeral expenses.

Boarding fees

Boarding fees are charged when your pet has to stay in a veterinary clinic for an extended period.  Most Australian pet insurance will pay a certain amount of these fees.

Advertising and rewards

Some multi pet insurance policies will provide you with some funds to pay for advertising and rewards if your pet is lost.  They may also offer you a small payout if you never recover your pet.

Lifetime cover

Some Australian pet insurance policies will not cover older animals.  Other policies will only cover older animals if you enrol them at a young age and consistently pay your premiums.

How many pets can you insure?

Most Australian pet insurance companies will let you cover an unlimited number of pets under one plan.

What kinds of pets can you insure?

Most Australian pet insurance companies offer multi pet cover for cats and dogs.  However, you can also find some providers who offer cover for horses, amphibians, birds and exotic pets.  If you are looking for pet insurance for a more unusual animal, you may have to shop around a bit more.

What are the main advantages of multi pet Insurance?

There are many advantages gained from purchasing multi pet insurance, including:

You can save money

Most insurance providers will offer discounts on your premiums when you purchase insurance for more than one pet.  At the very least, you can expect to obtain a discount of 10%.  


Instead of dealing with multiple insurance providers, you will only deal with one.  You will only have one set of premiums to pay and one set of contact numbers for making a claim. 

Plan upgrades and discounts

You may be able to obtain a better level of coverage or other kinds of discounts when you register more pets through your provider.

Each pet can have a different level of cover

Some Australian multi pet insurance plans allow you to have different types of cover for each pet under your plan.  You can put your young dog on an accident-only policy while keeping your older cat on a comprehensive insurance plan.  Your pet insurance company will simply calculate the appropriate premium and deductible levels.